Leavenworth, WA

Hi there! Incase you don’t know my husband and I live in Washington State. I stress the State part because some of our friends and family think we live in Washington D.C., Which we don’t!

We’ve lived in Washington for about a year and a half now and although we have done some exploring of the state, we haven’t really been out of comfort zone. Going to Seattle every other month for the doctors is about as adventurous as we’ve gotten, but we’ve been told by countless friends and Facebook posts about how magical a town in Washington is, that town is Leavenworth. But you can’t go during just any season, you have to go during winter!img_5696 (1)

So my husband and I decided we would pack up the car and take the 3 hour drive to this town to see what all the hype was about. We didn’t really want to go by ourselves since we’re from California and didn’t know how to drive in the snow, and we also wanted to spend time with some friends and their family.

When we finally got there we spent about 30 minutes to an hour circling and just trying to find a place to park. Once we finally caved and paid $20 to park about a mile down from the town, which by the way is so cute and themed as a an old dutch town. We started our trek to the little town with our two friends and there baby. We picked this weekend (12/16) specifically because it was supposed to snow and I’ve only ever seen real snow twice in my life.img_5701

When we saw the town it was really cute but very underwhelming. It’s just one street with a few  stores and eateries and a few pop up food stands. We came expecting something amazing and beautiful and we got an over crowded poorly managed street. Now when I say poorly managed I mean the road on this street that is only meant for people no cars, was not leveled with a snow shovel or really anything. So there was mountains of ice and layers of sludge which was so hard to walk on that I ended of falling so hard I have bruises all up my legs and back. The town was very poorly lit before their lighting ceremony, which happened about an hour after they were suppose to light the town, Which is when I fell. And when the town was finally lit I thought it was supposed to be like that video on Facebook, it wasn’t all to impressive. I didn’t really get to see the town all to much because I was to busy looking down at the floor making sure I didn’t slip or fall in puddles (which I still did).img_5707

There were a couple stores that were pretty cool, like Kris Kringl’s christmas shop, but most of them were very generic and repetitive. A lot of gelato and tea shops, and Leavenworth merchandise. There were far too many people their to enjoy the atmosphere, and the side walks were way to crowded because no one could walk in the street because of how unsafe it was. There were supposedly carriage rides but we only saw them once when we were trying to park. One thing we kept saying, “for a touristy town, you would’ve expected them to have made a lot or a parking garage for this attraction.”

All in all I can say that i’ve been to Leavenworth. But I don’t think it lived up to all the hype everyone said it was. I’m so happy I didn’t spend $600 for a themed train ride to the town

Till next time,