Magical Monday: Winnie The Pooh

It’s Monday! you know what that means, Magical Monday! time to get rid of the awful case of the Mondays and replace it with the magical world of Disney! Todays topic, in honor of the brand new Christopher Robin movie coming out on Friday, is the amazing ride at both Disneyland and WDW( Walt Disney World) The Amazing Adventure of Winnie The Pooh!

(some pictures in this post are mine and some were found on google. these are my opinions, and experiences.)

While some of you may know The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was the first attraction I learned in Disneyland, so it holds a very special place in my heart, and I absolutely love Winnie the Pooh! Piglet and Stitch are my all time favorite Disney Characters.

winnie the pooh(my mom and I before work one day.)

Just past the Haunted Mansion of  New Orleans Square is a small country side, where the animals have control of the land, known as Critter Country, where you’ll find your laughing place at Splash Mountain and you’ll be able to celebrate a Lil’ Old Bears birthday in the Hundred Acre Woods. A lot of people have no Idea the Winnie the Pooh ride is back in Critter Country, unlike WDW where you’d find the hundred acre woods in fantasyland. DSC_2678

(entrance at WDW)

It seems like Winnie the Pooh and friends are great at evicting previous owners of their land. In WDW him and his friends evicted the ever popular Mr. Toads Wild Ride, this was a very controversial  move on disney’s part because the attraction was a favorite among passholders and wasn’t lacking in attention. While Mr. Toad and friends are no longer an attraction in WDW’s Magic Kingdom, Through out the Winnie the pooh ride you’ll still find Moley and Mr. Badger (not sure his real name) in pictures, handing the deed over to Owl in a picture. There’s also a gave stone of Mr.Toad in the pet cemetery at the haunted mansion in liberty square.

While in Disneyland Pooh and the gang have evicted the Country Bear Jamboree. A lot of people don’t know they replace the Country Bears, or they had no idea the Country Bears were ever there. A big question a got while working there was, “where’s the Country Bear ride?” when I would explain they retired to Florida a lot of people would be upset. But just like the ride in WDW they were able to sneak in a few things from the previous owners of the property. If you look back in the Honey Heaven Scene you’ll be able to see the Max, Buff, and Melvin hanging out on the wall watching Pooh Bear eat his Hunny.

Not only is the thereming of both Winnie the Pooh rides different, but the queuing area is also very different, Disneyland is a very plain, follow the ropes and the people in front of you, a very basic line. The line in WDW, like almost all the lines there is very interactive, there are play areas for the kids, a little gardening area kids can play and not get restless, as well as a touch screen honey wall to make the hour long wait seem very short.

I absolutely Loved working in The Hundred Acre Woods, the only part I didn’t like was the down times. In order for the ride to get “sticky stucky in honey,” or break down a series of events were to happen.

1 would be a fire, which never really happened while I was there thank goodness, it was usually a faulty smoke alarm.

2  An “unusual show condition” which means the characters weren’t working the way they’re supposed to.

3 A “Hepa” or someone spreading ashes, which happens more then it ever should.

4 Most likely there’s too many “Beehicles” on the track and the cast isn’t moving fast enough and it back ups and shuts down.

While most of these problems are cycled out, so no one has to go into the ride and walk people out, except for number 4. All These problems are completely avoidable except for the technical problems. So please be kind to the cast members, there sole purpose isn’t to ruin your vacation, its to create as much magic possible and you’ll catch more bees with honey then with vinegar. So if you see a ride down it’s one of those 4 reasons, but they’re never gonna tell you which one it is, or when it’ll be coming back up because they have no idea.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into the world of Disney and Winnie the Pooh, I know I’m really excited to see the movie and I hope this post either informed you alittle on the rides or just made you excited about the movie.

till next time TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!