Mom & Dad


I had read somewhere that a child displays the love that they are shown, you look for love in a spouse that is displayed by your parents…. I know it sounds confusing, but I believe that i learned to love people by the way my parents love each other. They might not be the most affection people, but you can see the love for each other in everything they do.

I’m very blessed to have a mom and dad that not only love each other but fight for each other, in good and hard times I’ve never seen there love run out.

My mom is a very hard working woman, she was married and had 3 kids before she met my dad. Her and my siblings lived next door to my dads parents and that’s how they met, well the short version anyways. my mom and I get along so well that we act like the same person, and I know everyone hates the saying, “you’re just like your mom,” but I completely embrace it. and I hope to be half the woman she is.

My dad is amazing, he worked very hard for everything he had and has. He raised 3 kids that weren’t his and raised the most amazing daughter (me). My dad was always my coach for softball, hell if you ask any of the other girls he coached they would all say he was the best coach they ever had hands down. He even coached my soccer team when he had no idea what he was doing, and we won 1st place that year if that’s not saying how well he could teach any sport I have no idea what does.

From a very young age my dad had set the bar really high for my husband. I learned what kind of love I should expect from any guy, through how my dad treated me. My dad would take me to plays and daddy daughter dates all the time! I even got my love of Disney because of how often he would take me when I was little. My mom use to tell me that when I was little I would wait all day for my dad to come home and when he did we were inseparable.

My parents worked so hard so I could have an amazing education in a private christian school, and learn any instrument including violin and guitar. At the time I hated it, but looking back I was so fortunate to have that experience.

Whenever I was out at the softball fields, swim meets, tennis courts, or really any athletic field my parents were always right there cheering me on even if they had to be there because they were the coach or the team mom. I can always count on them to be my number 1 fans.

Growing up there always comes a time in your life when you’re so embarrassed of your parents or you wanted nothing to do with them. I guess I was lucky or missed that stage in life because I have always loved being with my parents, my friends even like being around my parents. My friends always came to my parents if they had any problems or really anything, whether or not my friends liked me at the time they always trusted my parents.

Even now that I’m 24 I love spending time with my parents. I rather stay in and watch a movie with my mom then go to a party, or watch a baseball game (go Angels!!) then go clubbing.

Whenever I’m upset, need advice or someone to talk to, I know I can always count on my parents. They’re always my first call besides my husband.