Magical Mondays

So I know no one likes Mondays like ever! So I’ve decided to start something hopefully a little magical to your Mondays with a little bit of Disney! Who doesn’t love Disney?

I know it’s not Monday (thank god!) it’s Friday! But every day is a good day to talk about Disney in some way. So today I’m going to start my Disney series with my input on Pixar Pier! (this is my own opinion and I’m obviously not getting paid for this)

IMG_5543all these pics on my blog are all taken by me and edited by me.

Pixar Pier is very photogenic, lots of bright colors and a lot to see! I was lucky enough to go opening weekend, and it was too crowded and I cant wait to go when Star Wars land opens so I can experience everything this pier has to offer without that many people. I wasn’t able to try out all the food and drink options because honestly like everything in Disney, It’s expensive! I was able to try the caliente churro from Senior Buzz churro cart. It wasn’t what I expected, I honestly don’t know what I expected. The churro was very red and they pack the cinnamon surgar on to the churro so much so that I had to scrape a little bit of it off because it was making my tongue numb. It tasted like a red hot candy, it took me about an hour to eat this churro, and it turned my figures red. But it was a very interesting experience, probably wouldn’t have it again but it was interesting.

Now probably the hardest thing to do on the pier is the new Incedicoaster. My family and I decided to pay for the MaxPass which is an extra $10 on top of your ticket cost. The benefits of the Maxpass is access to good fastpass times for almost every ride in both parks, and you don’t have to be in said park. So say you’re in Disneyland and you have a park hopper ticket and you upgrade to a Maxpass you can access fastpasses for DCA without stepping foot in that park. Another benefit is you get to download all the picturs you take in the parks from both rides and photopass photographers which was really cool. But anyways we were lucky enough to ride the incredicoaster. The ride itself is the same as California Screamin’ but it now has a story. The incredibles family is trying to catch Jack Jack, which if you seen the new movie incredibles 2 you know how hard he is to catch because of his newly developed powers. The tunnels in the ride feature statues, lights and amazing graphics to help include you in the story including, what I think is the best part, the smell of Jack Jack’s cookie num num. I absolutely love the new over lay to a classic DCA attraction.

The next attraction that got a face lift was the Pal-O-Round Ferris wheel there’s nothing really that new besides a new entrance decoration and they painted the gondolas with Pixar characters. Over all I really don’t care for this ride just because I’m afraid of heights and Ferris wheels, the swinging gondolas are in my opinion the scariest things I’ve ever been on.

Going back to food I was lucky enough to get into Lamplight Lounge and while I didn’t get to go downstairs to experience the full atmosphere and the full menu. I was just happy to be there. Upstairs where the cove bar used to be is still part of the lamplight lounge. While I was there the opening weekend you couldn’t make any reservations, but now on the Disneyland app you can reserve dining there, which is amazing and I highly recommend it! We got the Piggy Wings, and the Carne Asada Roll. The Piggy Wings are little pork ribs in a spicy bbq sauce, They were so good! i couldn’t get enough of them. The Carne Asad Roll was like a california roll, but instead of crab they put steak, which if you know me I’m a very picky eater and I hate sushi. But this was pretty good, I probably wouldn’t get it again but it was pretty good. As for drinks I got a non-alcoholic drink called the 2319, it was pineapple, strawberry slushy with coke poured in it, not that great but I had to get it for the name alone. My mom got an alcholic drink called the Sequel. It was very strong with dried ice at the bottom that made it bubble. that’s all I remember about it. But if you really miss the Cove Bar and those Lobster Nachos, don’t worry they still have them. Over all I’m excited to go back to the lounge and try they’re full menu, and experience the atmosphere of down stairs.


Now the Pixar theme is all around both parks right now do to Pixar Fest that runs through September 3, so don’t forget to check out everything Disney has to offer including parades and fireworks geared toward Pixar. And not to mention all the little Easter eggs around the parks, and so so many food options. And like I said its Disney so if you want to eat and try everything it’s going to get expensive. But I have to say my favorite part of the pier is definitely the little billboards as you walk down the pier.

But I have to say when you’re leaving the Pier they have a little something to remind you to keep exploring and looking for new adventures. It made my heart so happy to see the saying as you leave this new re imagined area.


Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to post another Magical Monday! in the words of Mickey “See Ya Real Soon!”