A New Chapter

I grew up in Southern California, 30 minutes away from Disneyland, and about 20 minutes away from Knott’s Berry Farm. I was fortunate enough to have season passes to both parks growing up, and the joy of working for both companies. My first job I ever had was working rides in camp snoopy at Knotts’. I also worked there seasonally as a scare actor for Halloween Haunt for 3 years. As you read in the “about us” section I also worked at Disnyland for sometime, when I was first hired there I worked in the “Wilderness Explores” area in Disney’s California Adventture (DCA). And then I was fortunate enough to work in the “Haunted Mansion” and “Winnie the Pooh” ride in Disneyland.

I met my husband Josh when I was halfway done with cosmetology school, through a mutual friend. we met when he was on leave from the navy. We got to hangout and get to know each other for a week before he went back to Japan. Once he went back, I was very skeptical about if and how we could make this work. we texted, called and face-timed every chance we got, even though I was in the middle of exams to pass and get my license, we made it through. He’s such an amazing person and im so lucky and blessed to have him as my better half. Josh always does the unexpected, He flew home and surprised me on my last hair show exhibit, making everyone of the girls in my class including the teacher cry.

Josh was home for about a month before he was stationed in Bremerton, WA. In that month we went to Disneyland as much as possible and spent so much time together. When he left it was hard, not only because he was gone but because the house I grew up in foreclosed and I was homeless. My parents moved up north to Sacramento to live with my brother and his family, while I could’ve gone with them I decided to stay and start my Disney career. I lived with my best friend, who also got a job at Disneyland working the same area. It was the first time I ever lived so far away from my mom and dad, I cried almost every night thinking I made an awful decision to stay when everyone I loved was so far away.

Once a week, if not more, Josh would facetime me and we would watch a movie over Netflix together. It was so much fun and it helped me get over my fear of if I did the right thing. I was very fortunate that not only was Josh stationed state side but that when he would go on deployments he would dock in San Diego for a weekend every other month. When he made port we would hangout and explore San Diego, we loved old town and the Whaley House was beyond creepy.

In December Josh Surprised me again, but this time on my birthday. Two days later with our families we visited our favorite place Disneyland, where he proposed to me at Minnie’s house in Toon Town. and of course I said yes!! a day later we drove up to the Sequoia National park where I saw snow for the first time, and spent about 3 days playing and getting lost in the snow and the beauty of the Sequias. After all the fun of Christmas Josh went back up to Bremerton and got ready for his big 9 month deployment. This was going to be the longest and hardest deployment for us. Not only was I not able to talk to him as much, a few emails here or there and he was able to call once a month, but I had to plan our wedding.

The wedding was amazing and beyond perfect I was very fortunate to have my parents move back down to help me with pretty much everything and to keep me sane. We got married on January 21,2017 at The Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach, Ca surrounded by our friends and family. Our honeymoon was spent at Walt Disney World, a dream come true for us! We have always wanted to be able to go and experience the magic, my parents were very generous and helped us pay for the trip, we loved every minute of it!

Coming back from our honeymoon and back to reality, I went back to work and Josh went back to Washington. In March I said goodbye to my amazing Disney family, and traveled to Washington to start our happily ever after. I lived in Washington for 2 weeks before my anxiety and depression set in and I had to go back home. I was very scared that i wouldn’t be able to handle Washington, it was vastly different from California, so when we made our move in May it was easier then I thought to fall in love with another state.

We had a home in base housing, started to unpack our things and made friends. One thing we decided we needed to do was take care of my brain tumor, so we went to the doctors got a referral to UW medical center. once there we met with a team of amazing doctors that specialize in pituitary tumor removal, so we set a date for surgery. The day came and I had a very successful surgery everything looked good, everything was healing very well no spinal fluid leaks, no scaring. I did my routine blood work and it came back with high levels of prolactin, which is how we found out I had a tumor in the first place. I still have some form of the tumor, but ill get more into that in another post.

My husband and I have been on a roller coaster these past few years, but as long as we have each other I’m positive we can get through anything life throws at us.

I cant wait to share with everyone all of our adventures and projects in this new chapter of our life… (lots of disney!)